Monday, May 18, 2009

Some new things I've been working on ...

Here are my two challenge cards for this week on Okie's 5-13 challenge from the cricut board:

This one is for Father's Day ...
This one is "Just Because"

I also altered my ATG this weekend! What fun! In case you don't know what an ATG is, it is a tape gun (runner) that holds A LOT of tape! They are big, but not bulky and very easy to use. I get tired of refilling my tape runners all the time so ... if you want more information on where to get an ATG or how to alter it, send me a message and I'll get the info to you. Here is my ATG pre and post altering ~ Here is what it looks like prior to altering:
This is one side of the ATG after altering with paint and embellishing:

This is the other side of the ATG after a little paint and embellishing. I kept this side pretty much clear so I can see how much tape is left in the gun without opening it.
A lot of people also embellish the handle but I didn't because my skin is very acidic and it would just eat right through anything I put there so I left it just painted. I used Krylon Fusion paint for plastic which means no primer needed! Considering this was a bright red when I started ... i only used one good coat of white on it and it covered perfectly! TFL!

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