Thursday, May 21, 2009

We've lost a good friend and companion

Monday was a very sad day here in the Forrest home. We lost our longtime friend and companion, Harley. Harley was 1/2 Chow-Chow and 1/2 German Shepherd. He was a true, loyal friend and companion for nearly 15 years. His health declined so rapidly over the past two weeks that we took him to the vet and it was determined that he was in a lot of pain (even though he never showed signs of that to us) and we made the very hard decision to end all the pain for him. He was too good of a friend to let him continue to suffer. We miss him terribly. Time will heal the wound and we will meet up with him again at The Rainbow Bridge. He is survived by his two buddies, Quiksilver and Stormy Jeanne (the cats).

In loving memory of Harley Forrest ... July 6, 1994 - May 18, 2009
Forever in our hearts


jcscraphappy said...

Oh claudette im so very sorry to hear this.I know that wasnt easy to do, he is free from pain though now your pain has come, hugs to you. Harley was awesome oh here come the tears :(
RIP Harley

Anonymous said...

I am sorry. I know how hard that is. I too am having to put Lurch down, but haven't come to peace with it. I know he doesn't feel well at all, and he is not enjoying life... I am being selfish by making him continue. Your blog has shown me that to love him, I need to let him go. I love you sweet sister of mine.